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Eye floaters and light flashes

You should have light flashes and eye floaters checked by an Optometrist urgently. Eye floaters are black or semi transparent spots that appear to float in front of your eyes. This may look like hair or parts of a cobweb. Light flashes are small sparkles, lightning or fireworks that may appear in the corners of your vision.

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Eye floaters and light flashes are often harmless but it may be a sign of retinal detachment which needs urgent medical attention. A regular 3D OCT scan will not only check your eyes in more detail but also monitor any changes. This early detection means there is more chance of treatment.

If you have any of the following symptoms we recommend that you urgently see your Optometrist or go to an eye casualty department​:

  • A sudden increase in eye floaters, and in particular if you also notice flashing lights

  • A large new eye floater

  • If you have had a direct blow to the eye and notice and change in eye floaters or flashing lights

  • A shadow that spreads across the vision of one of your eyes

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An emergency A&E eye service is available at The Western Eye Hospital, London (available 24hrs), Tel: 020 3312 6666. Typically this is for painful red eyes, sudden loss or distortion of vision, light flashes, eye floaters or sudden blurred vision etc. or go to a hospital that has an eye clinic​

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