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Tel: 020 8759 9395

Tel: 020 8759 9395

3D OCT Scan (for eye health)

A 3D OCT eye test could save your sight!

This is an advanced eye health test, which can pick up unwanted changes at the back of the eyes up to 4 years earlier compared to a standard eye test. It can detect early signs of Macular Degeneration, Diabetic eye disease, Glaucoma, and general health problems. Early detection means there is more chance of treatment before permanent damage occurs. We have saved many people's sight because of this test.

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We recommend that you have a 3D OCT Scan every time you have an eye test, as your eyes can change from one visit to the next. The scans costs £35 or is free if you are one of our Eyecare Members.

Who should have a 3D OCT scan?

I already attend diabetic eye screening, do I still need a 3D OCT scan?

Digital Retinal Photography​

Image showing how the 3D OCT eye test is done. It also shows an iceberg that carries on below the surface of the water indicating it is essential to check below the surface of the retina for your eye health
Who should have a 3D OCT Scan?

Who should have a 3D OCT scan?

I already attend diabetic eye screening, do I still need a 3D OCT scan?

  • A 3D OCT scan allows us to see all 10 layers of the retina (the back of the eye) whereas diabetic eye screening only looks at the top layer. It is still important to go to your diabetic eye screening appointments, however this is a more advanced test that picks up changes earlier. We regularly refer diabetic patients back to their eye clinics for further tests.​

Digital Retinal Photography

This examines the surface of the retina (back of the eye) in more detail. It can detect vascular conditions such as blood pressure, Diabetes, Macular degeneration and Glaucoma, eye floaters and more.The 3D OCT Scan not only looks at the surface of the retina, but underneath also. Therefore changes are detected much earlier than digital retinal photography alone.

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I recently visited Cranford Opticians for my annual check-up. I saw Nila, who was very thorough and extremely knowledgeable. I was suffering from dry and itchy eyes, which she quickly diagnosed and recommended a course of treatment for, which cleared up the problem in a matter of weeks.

She also recommended I have an OCT scan, which is a photographic examination of the retina and the structure of the eye. I got the all-clear, but she did notice that I need to increase my intake of fruit and vegetables to maintain my ocular health. I’ll be going back again in three months to make sure that everything is as it should be.

I would thoroughly recommend Cranford Opticians. A friendly and professional team, fantastic service, a great range of fashionable frames and state-of-the-art lenses. But most of all, they really care about their clients.

Paul Shaw

I can only say this is a top Opticians, highly experienced, with great staff, as a local Opticians, they try harder, have better equipment and having used them, I would never go back to the high street giants ever again. Great choice of reasonably priced frames and lens options, that are advised upon, for fit and suitability.


Best glasses I've had in years, and the best fit as well. I also had an upgraded Diabetic eye check with their scanner (3D or 4D?), but brilliant and worth the small fee. I only speak as I find, you won't get a better Opticians for miles around, Thanks for the great service.

Tony Cox


I have been a customer for many years since I was a teenager. Nila and her team are very welcoming and friendly with a great service. Nila takes the time and patience to look at my eyes and gives very good advice on how to look after them.


She always lets me try out new products which will benefit me by looking after them well. I enjoy going there, as it is important for me to maintain my vision and to detect any early signs which are not right. I would definitely recommend this place to everyone!

Jo Leung

I visited Cranford Opticians a few weeks back to get my eyes tested. I was amazed by the quality of service, detailed checkup and brilliant advice by Nila and her team. They carried out 3 different tests on my eyes, explained really well what those tests were for and made me really comfortable throughout the process.

All in all, fantastic local opticians who are great at their job and you can always trust them for any advice related to your eyes and vision!

Amol Kshatriya

Ideally located near the Heathrow airport in the London Borough of Hounslow, Cranford Opticians can be easily reached from Twickenham, Feltham, Richmond , Teddington, Whitton, Hayes, Heston, Harlington, Southall, Staines, Ashford, Stanwell, Sunbury and many other areas in London and Surrey.

Digital Retinal Photography
Diabetic Eye Screening
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