Nano Vista Frames

"Children love Nanovista because of the bright colours and polarised clip-on sunglasses” "Parents love Nanovista because they don’t have to worry about repairs and comfort of the glasses”


Nanovista is a brand of nearly unbreakable children’s glasses some of which have polarised clip-on sunglasses. They are designed in Spain using the latest technologies and are known for the two frames in one system, with interchangeable temples and head band that easily adapts from the classroom to the playground. Being adjustable, flexible, light and comfortable is what sets them apart.


Nanovista's children’s glasses and some with clip-on polarised sunglasses are available in many colours and styles for all different ages groups from infants to toddlers and tweens to teens. Nanovista is one of the best-selling brand of glasses for children and teenagers.


The brand mission at Nanovista is continuous innovation to always offer the best glasses for babies, children and teenagers.


That is why they are now the most recommended brand of children’s glasses, by paediatricians and ophthalmologists worldwide.


When viewing the Nanovista collections, selecting the best glasses for boys and girls becomes a simple, easy, and above all, fun task!


Flexibility, toughness and the best materials and design have been united like never before – to offer almost break-resistant, safe and reliable prescription glasses for children and teenagers; childproof!


Nanovista is a collection of stylish frames for kids, pre-teens and teenagers.


Constructed from patented SILIFLEX™ material, these children's eyewear frames are lightweight, flexible and nearly indestructible. Each frame is available in a range of colours to help children express their personality and style.


Nanovista glasses are designed for everyday wear for the active child – perfect for school, home and weekends at the playground!