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Our customers love prodesign glasses because once they put them on, they don’t want to take them off!”


Browse our ProDesign frames collection online or call Cranford Opticians to view the latest collection, where you will get eye catching frames teamed with our professional service. We will help you pick the right optical frames to suit your individual style and budget.


Once you have found your ideal pair of ProDesign frames, we can customise your prescription lenses with add-ons such as transition, and blue-filtering lenses. We offer a range of lens options to suit your vision and lifestyle.


ProDesign doesn't follow the trends, it sets them. This brand knows exactly what their customer base wants and it leads the field with their innovative design and fresh frame styles. Their eyewear is designed by eyewear architects and opticians, using the greatest materials and technology to provide textured and detailed  patterns on every one of their frames.


The ProDesign Denmark glasses range is comprised of sharply created shapes which combine advanced craftsmanship and technical innovation. The collections push the limits when it comes to both the technical construction and choice of materials of each frame. 


When Prodesign was started in 1973, they knew that they wanted to create progressive and visionary frames that stood out. Ways for the modern individual to truly express themselves - and this daring philosophy has become their trademark.


Their collections are diverse with frames in a long range of shapes, colours and sizes. The frames in their collections pick up on urban style trends, providing concepts that are both bold and edgy or minimalistic and raw. Some have a distinctly industrial, sleek and modern look - perfect for those who care about design, craft and engineering. 


Every frame is carefully made ensuring durability and comfortability - without compromising on how they feel and look. The ranges are worn by a wide variety of urban dwellers, creatives and culturally conscious people - looking for eyewear designs that are everlasting.


Ideally located near the Heathrow airport in the London Borough of Hounslow, Cranford Opticians can be easily reached from Twickenham, Feltham, Richmond , Teddington, Whitton, Hayes, Heston, Harlington, Southall, Staines, Ashford, Stanwell, Sunbury and many other areas in London and Surrey.



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