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Titanflex Eyeglass Frames

Our customers love Titanflex because they are lightweight, hypoallergenic, smart classical designs whilst still being strong and flexible.”

Designed for comfort at the highest level, Titanflex combines wearing comfort with toughness, a low weight with modern design, and quality with understatement – a first choice for spectacle wearers with high expectations.

In 1988, Titanflex revolutionised the eyewear market. To this day, Titanflex frames rank among the very best on the market. Their innovative combination of materials is much more flexible than conventional spring steel and up to one third lighter.

Many people use Titanflex as a generic term for all memory titanium eyewear. The original is only created through special finishing processes. 

Titanflex customers value superior wearing comfort, durability and quality. Because the memory effect means that the frame will spring back to its original shape even after being bent. Time and time again.

Titanflex stands for technology & design, German engineered eyewear developed for the demands of daily life. Titanflex is robust yet highly flexible, frames are composed of an exclusive Titanium metal alloy that is ten times more elastic than conventional spring Stainless Steel. Thanks to the memory metal effect, the frame repeatedly returns to its original shape following deformation.

Space flight, shipbuilding, medical technology: memory-titanium alloys have long been in use in the research field. Shape-memory alloys are constantly offering new possibilities for revolutionary future technologies.

Titanflex material is extremely light resulting in optimum comfort without compromising on durability & style. Developed with experience, designed with quality, produced with expertise.

Strictly controlled thermo-mechanical treatment and finishing: only through engineering and design expertise is high-quality memory titanium eyewear that bears the name Titanflex created.

Titanflex delivers exceptional eyewear, which others can only promise. The brands innovation pushes eyewear forward with their unrivalled range of liquid metal styles. The result of many years of research and development by Eschenbach engineers, liquid metal is a unique material in optics. With flexibility, durability and lightness similar to traditional memory metal but with new possibilities for elaborate 3-dimensional designs and a radiant surface finishand an exceptional comfort.


As a busy IT consultant, I spend a lot of time working on computer screens so when my eyes started to itch and water recently I needed a quick diagnosis and fix to ensure I could continue to work.

A visit to Cranford Opticians proved to be a really good choice. After a thorough examination I was pleased to be told that there was no major problem and a course of dry eye treatment involving a heated eye mask, cleansing wipes and eye drops would improve things within a week or so.

They also recommended new glasses for use with the screen, with filtering for damaging blue light that can cause the type of dry eye problem I was getting.

Just a couple of weeks later my eye health is much better and the glasses they made for me have greatly reduced the tiredness I often get after a long session on the screen

I am extremely pleased with the quality of service and advice I received and will thoroughly recommend the Cranford team to anyone needing top quality eye care.


John Wilson

Cranford's care and expertise made me feel very comfortable choosing them as my optician. I look forward to picking up my new specs soon - Thanks Shivani for helping me select a pair of cool glasses! All the best, Simon Humphrey


Agile T

"Nila gave me my most thorough eye test ever, and my new glasses not only mean I can see better, they even make me look …a bit… better too. Nila and her team are the friendliest professionals you could wish to meet, highly recommended."

John Frye

"I have just received my third pair of glasses from Cranford Opticians.  As before they fit well and are so comfortable that I don't notice I have them on most of the time.  I have to say that since going to Cranford Opticians I have found a level of personal service and care that I have never encountered before.  The new look of the practice is particularly pleasant and relaxing.  The reception staff are always friendly and welcoming and the optician, Nila, is prepared to spend the time on making sure I am happy with all aspects of my glasses.  Good quality service and products.  Highly recommended".

Colin Pitts

Ideally located near the Heathrow airport in the London Borough of Hounslow, Cranford Opticians can be easily reached from Twickenham, Feltham, Richmond , Teddington, Whitton, Hayes, Heston, Harlington, Southall, Staines, Ashford, Stanwell, Sunbury and many other areas in London and Surrey.

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