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Childrens Eyecare

Children rarely complain about not being able to see, they just assume that is the way the world should look. They should have a yearly eye exam or as recommended by an Optometrist. It is FREE under the NHS if they are under 19 in full time education and they also have help towards spectacles.

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Our Services for children

Contact lenses for children

Signs your child should have an eye examination

Tips for parents

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Child in a classroom with glasses with the caption "good vision and eye health is important for children's learning and development"

Our services for children:

  • Modern equipment that allows Children from age 2 to be tested
    (children do not have to be able to read or talk to have an eye exam)

  • Experienced Optometrists make children feel comfortable and we make the eye examination fun for them.

  • Advanced testing such as 3D OCT ScanDigital Retinal Photography. The earlier any problems are picked up, the better the outcome.

  • We fit Contact Lenses for Children from age 6. They often want freedom from wearing glasses, come in and see if they are suitable.

  • Lots of children get Dry or Watery Eyes especially when they are using phones, tablets, watching TV or playing computer games. This is often easily managed with the help of our Optometrist.


Contact lenses for children:

Children often learn very quickly how to wear contact lenses and the routines that go with it. For those that are keen on sports it makes a big difference to them by giving them all around vision and gives them freedom from spectacles. For others contact lenses gives a major confidence boost.

"One of our 6 years old patients always deliberately broke his glasses. This was so he didn’t have to wear them as he was bullied and teased about them.  He was behind at school with literacy and numeracy. I fitted him with contact lenses and he became a different child. He was full of confidence and in no time started to do much better at school."

Nila Mehra, Optometrist & Contact Lens Practitioner

Signs that you child should have an eye examination:

  • One of their eyes turns in or out, which is often easier to spot when they are tired

  • They have watery eyes or rub their eyes lots (except when they are tired, which is normal)

  • They are clumsy or do not have good hand or eye co-ordination

  • They screw up their eyes or frown when they are watching TV or reading

  • They sit very close to the TV, read or hold objects close to their face

  • They avoid reading, writing or drawing

  • They are not doing as well as they could at school or have behaviour or concentration problems

  • They complain about unexplained headaches, or blurred or double vision

They should especially have an eye test if:

  • your child has special needs, as this often means they have eye problems

  • there is a history of squints or lazy eye in the family

  • Other people in the family needed to wear spectacles when they were young

Tips for parents:

  • Children should have a yearly eye exam or as recommended by an Optometrist.

  • An anti-reflective coating on spectacles will cut out reflections to give clearer vision and so their eyes get less tired

  • Children should wear polarised sunglasses in the sun with 100% UV protection

  • Children who spend more time outside are less likely to be short-sighted

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