Hearing Tests

Cranford Opticians is proud to team up with an experienced audiologist to carry out:

  • FREE hearing tests

  • Advice and supply on the best hearing aids for you

  • Advice on existing hearing aids

  • Wax removal

Please call 020 8759 9395 for an appointment


About your appointment

Your hearing test is completely free, with no-obligation. The test can be performed in one of our stores or in the comfort of your own home - ideal if you can’t reach any of our branches or if you are booking for an elderly relative. Our FREE hearing test is one of the most thorough in the industry, giving our Jayen the time to understand your lifestyle and recommend a tailored solution. The hearing test is simple and safe, and Jayen will walk you through the process step by step. The world is full of sounds worth hearing, make sure you don't miss a thing. Book your free hearing test today! 

About Jayen

Jayen – your bloom hearing specialists takes pride in offering friendly and helpful hearing advice. Jayen has been a Hearing Aid Audiologist for over 5 years and really enjoys getting to know his customers and giving them a higher quality of life through better hearing. When he is not helping you hear, Jayen enjoys watching film or two, listening to music and trying out the latest technology.