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Our contact lens services

New to contact lenses?

Contact lenses for children

Tips for contact lens wearers

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Our contact lens services:

  • Experienced contact lens practitioners

  • As an independent Optician we will offer you the best contact lenses for you and your lifestyle. We will upgrade you as the technology in lenses advances.

  • We fit Contact Lenses for Children from age 6.

  • FREE Comfort trial for new wearers

  • FREE contact lens fittings and check ups when you are one of our Eyecare Members.

  • Specialist fittings for: Multifocal contact lenses (to correct near and far vision),Toric lenses (astigmatism contact lenses), Rigid Gas Permeable lenses (RGP), Extended wear (overnight wear), Contact lenses for Kerataconus.

New to contact lenses?

Special offer for free contact lens trial at Cranford Opticians, Hounslow, London
  • We offer a FREE Comfort Trial. Let us show you the WOW factor with contact lenses!

  • Most people can wear contact lenses and are surprised by how comfortable they are

  • We make it easy and reassuring for new wearers.

  • We give you time to learn how to put your lenses in and out.

  • If you have worn them unsuccessfully before, we can show how much better the latest contact lenses can be

Tips for contact lens wearers

  • Do not clean or store your contact lenses in tap water or take a shower or swim in them

  • Do not sleep in your contact lenses unless advised by a practitioner

  • Have an eye test at least every two years and a contact lens test every 6-12 months, or more often if advised by an Optician

  • Always have an up to date pair of spectacles in case you cannot wear your lenses

  • If you have any problems with your eyes do not wear your contact lenses and consult your Optician

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