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Vision after 40

If you are having difficulty reading your mobile or small print, it is nothing to worry about. 

It is called Presbyopia and all you need is an Eye test and the Optometrist will work out the best solution for you depending on your need and lifestyle.


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It is also a great time to focus on your eye health by having a more Advanced eye test such as the 3D OCT Scan as you are more at risk of Cataracts, Macular Degeneration and Glaucoma.

What are my options to correct my vision?

Can I wear contact lenses?

Can I wear off the shelf reading glasses?

Tips for better vision after 40

Woman trying to read a book at arm's length with the caption "one of the most typical sympyoms of Presbyopia is needing to hold books, magazines, mobile phones, menus and other reading material at arm's length in order to focus properly"
Vision Options
Contact lenses?
Off shelf reading glasses?

What are my options to correct my vision?

  • Single vision reading glasses for near vision only

  • Varifocals or multifocal spectacles to give clear vision for near, intermediate and far without a line separating them.

  • Monovision or multifocal contact lenses, a great choice for not letting your vision get in the way of your lifestyle. 

  • Near and intermediate vision spectacles, for example when using a computer

  • Bifocal spectacles for distance and near vision which is separated by a line

Can I wear contact lenses?

Most people who have Presbyopia and wear multifocal contact lenses often say that they feel young again as they are not struggling to see their mobile phones and small print. You are never too old to wear contact lenses, our oldest patient is 88!

Nila Mehra, Optometrist & Contact Lens Practitioner

Can I wear off the shelf reading glasses?

Off the shelf reading glasses or Ready Readers are for short term emergency use. For regular use you should have spectacles made to your eye correction. This is because your two eyes often have a different prescription, you may have astigmatism, and the optical centres will be made exactly for you to avoid eye strain. All these will be checked by your Optician.

Tips for better vision after 40:

  • Have regular Eye Examinations as recommended by an Optometrist

  • If you have an option always go for the more Advanced Eye Exams such as the 3D OCT ScanField Test and Dry Eye Assessment

  • Give up smoking

  • Wear polarised sunglasses in the sun with Blue light protection and 100% UV protection

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