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Our customers love the sometimes flamboyant and sometimes discreet use of Swarovski crystals for an extra special look


Browse the marvellous Swarovski frames range online or call us here at Cranford Opticians to see the latest collection, where you will get eye-catching frames teamed with our professional service. We will help you pick the right optical frames for your individual style and budget. 


Additionally, the prescription lenses can be made with both anti-scratch and anti-glare coating meaning that the surprisingly resilient crystals can be further retained.

Founder Daniel Swarovski has a passion for innovation and design, and his mastery of crystal cutting has defined Swarovski as a leading jewellery and accessories brand. Swarovski glasses boast classic silhouettes with intricate detailing and glamorous styles. The Austrian fashion label uses their signature crystals and jewels on their collection of Swarovski glasses for a truly luxurious look. 

The Swarovski frames collection is dazzlingly bold with diamond-like shapes and outstanding details, with each design being representative of the brand’s heritage. Drawing inspiration from their stunning Swarovski jewelled counterparts, these optical designs are practically jewellery. 


The Swarovski crystal element of the glasses comes in an array of accents and settings, meaning there is a whole host of engineered precision in between the slender frames. Swarovski’s eye-catching pieces expand to more than just crystal; their metal and acetate glasses are beautifully designed, full of intricacies and exquisite details. 

Manufacturing since 1895, Swarovski crystals create their eyewear with premium materials, exclusive acetates and metals to complement their repertoire of fashionable, attractive yet especially resilient products. Their frames have a variety of different styles; there are the thin, dainty half-rims and the thick, intricately detailed ‘geek’ style glasses, with plenty of choice in between.

These highly-quality glasses come in many hues and colours, including Gold and Silver, as well as gunmetal, black and havana. 

Ideally located near the Heathrow airport in the London Borough of Hounslow, Cranford Opticians can be easily reached from Twickenham, Richmond, Feltham, Teddington, Whitton, Hayes, Heston, Southall, Harlington, Staines, Ashford, Stanwell, Sunbury and many other areas in London and Surrey.

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