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Your eyes are the window to your overall health.

A regular Eye Exam is essential to monitor your eye health as well as your vision. We give a thorough Eye Exam which often picks up general health problems. We also recommend a 3D OCT Scan with every Eye Exam which can detect early changes in the eye, some of which are listed below. This detailed eye health check can pick up things which cannot be detected in any other test.


If you have any concerns or notice any changes in the eye, see an optometrist as soon as possible Call us 020 8759 9395 or book online for an appointment.  

Image of Eye health from vision matters

EYE EMERGENCIES Most eye emergencies can be dealt with in practice and where necessary we can refer you for further treatment.

Dry / Watery eyes
This condition is the most common reason for itchy, red, gritty, tired or burning eyes. This can often be easily managed with the help of your Optometrist. We may then recommend a combination of eye drops, heat treatment, lid scrubs, eye supplements and Blephex Treatment.

Blepharitis and Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD)

These conditions can make your eyes feel dry, irritated, inflamed and gritty. They are both chronic conditions that can be managed with the help of your Optometrist with careful regular, eyelid hygiene. We may then recommend a combination of eye drops, heat treatment, lid scrubs, eye supplements and Blephex Treatment.

FLASHES AND FLOATERS This often appears as black spots, hair like or small pieces of cobweb that float in front of the eyes. We recommend that you see an Optometrist urgently.

MACULAR DEGENERATION The most common symptoms are straight lines that may appear wavy and there may be patches in your vision. A 3D OCT Scan can often detect the early stages of macular degeneration. Urgent referral can save your sight.

DIABETES can affect your vision. All diabetes should have a regular detailed eye examination and 3D OCT Scan as well as attending their diabetic eye screening appointments. Urgent referral can save your sight.

Vision often appears less clear and distinct. You may be more sensitive to sunlight and glare from street light and car headlights. Have a regular eye exam and your Optometrist can refer you for treatment if necessary.

This is one of the leading causes of blindness. Early Glaucoma has no symptoms, however a regular eye examination will detect Glaucoma. Detailed examinations such as a field test and 3D OCT scan are also recommended.

This often gives blurred vision which cannot be corrected with spectacles. In most cases contact lenses will give clear vision. We fit specialist contact lenses for Keratoconus.

We recommend regular Eye Tests and 3D OCT Scans to monitor your eye health, and give the best vision possible with contact lenses or spectacles. We allow time to understand your needs and give you personal advice.

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