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Are red, watery and itchy eyes driving you crazy?!

Hay fever season is upon us!

Don’t let hay fever get you down this spring, we can help you to manage the symptoms.

Sunglasses can really help…

Wraparound sunglasses don’t just look great and protect your eyes from U.V. light; if you’re a hay fever sufferer then wraparound sunglasses help to keep the allergens and pollen away from your eyes. We have a wide range of great looking wraparound sunglasses, come and see them!

Which eye drops are best for me?

Don’t let hay fever irritate you this spring, using the right eye drops can really help. Our optician can advise you about which eye drops are best suited to your condition and individual needs.

Come and see us and feel happy knowing that you have made informed choices about managing your Hay fever.

If you are ever worried about your eyes or you family’s eye health, feel free to come and talk to us.

Call 020 8759 9395 to make an appointment for an eye test. Alternatively you can book online.


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