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Drivers eyesight

Important message to all drivers!

It’s recently been announced that three police forces will be testing the eyesight of every motorist they stop in order to clamp down on motorists driving when they have poor eyesight.

If a driver’s eyesight is found to be defective and presenting a risk to other road users, an urgent revocation can be requested by the police. Which means you would have to re-apply for a licence, producing evidence that your eyesight meets legal requirements.

Image of a driver looking out through their car. "Glasses aren't just for reading, 21% of motorists who wear glasses or contact lenses admit to driving without them"

Thames Valley, Hampshire and West Midlands forces will all be taking part in the initiative and the data gathered will be used to understand the scale of the problem. And results could mean a national roll-out designed to improve overall road safety.

Under current regulations you must be able to read a licence plate at 20 metres. If you are struggling to do this, or you’re not sure if you are able to, please get in touch for an eye test.

Image of a man having an eye test

Speaking on behalf of the police forces taking part in the campaign, Sergeant Robert Heard said, “The legal limit is being able to read a number plate at 20m. This is a minimum requirement and a regular eye test at an optician’s is a must if we are going to be safe on the road.”

Image of a lady looking through spectacles

We are passionate about eye health and if you are struggling with your distance vision, we can help. We have state of the art testing equipment in store and we have a huge range of spectacles and contact lenses to suit all budgets. We also welcome both NHS and private clients.

Call us on 020 8759 9395 to book your appointment or discuss any concerns you may have. Alternatively, you can book online.

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