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What is Cataracts and what is the cataract treatment?

Cataracts is where the clear lens inside your eye becomes cloudy. This happens over time as you get older. A Regular eye test is important so the Optician can monitor your vision. The treatment is a cataracts operation. Your Optician will refer you to the hospital eye clinic when the cataract is at the correct stage.

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Do I still need an eye test after cataracts surgery?

You should have an eye test with an Optometrist 6 weeks after cataract surgery, and then have regular eye test as recommended by an Optometrist​.

What a photo of two children would look like if you had cataracts

This is what vision may look like if you had cataracts

What a photo of two children would look like if you had normal vision (no cataracts)

Compared to normal vision

Photos courtesy of The National Eye Institute (Bethesda, MD)

Cataract symptoms:

  • You may be more light sensitive both in bright light and at night where car headlights and street lights may appear dazzling

  • Vision is not clear even with the best visual correction

Tips that may prevent or delay cataracts:

  • Stop smoking

  • Protect your eyes from UV light and high energy blue light with UV and blue light absorbing sunglasses and spectacles or UV blocking contact lenses

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