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Cranford Opticians featured in 'Hounslow talks business'

We were very pleased to be interviewed for the 'Hounslow talks business' magazine.

In the article we discuss why we are excited to serve the Hounslow community and beyond.

Settled since Saxon times, Cranford began life as a hamlet within the Elthorne Hundred, lying north of Bath Road on the northern edge of Hounslow Heath. Located 12.5 miles west of Charing Cross and immediately east of Heathrow Airport, from which it is now separated by the River Crane, Cranford still holds that rural, historical feel.

It is home to St Dunstan’s, the parish church originally known as Cranford St John named after St John the Baptist. From surviving records, it appears as though the church has stood upon the present site since Saxon times, going through many changes of ownership until being acquired in 1618 by Lady Elizabeth Berkeley, the great-niece of Queen Anne Boleyn. Lady Berkeley’s tomb can still be seen today to the right of the church altar.

Today, Cranford also has a strong business presence, particularly within its main artery route, Bath Road. One of the businesses located there is Cranford Opticians, an independent, family-run company with a 30-year history in the village. Although it has had to adapt due to the coronavirus, the company remains very much open for business to ensure its customers get the services and products they need during this challenging time.

As is the case with most opticians, the company has stopped conducting face-to-face eye tests for the time being, but still provides essential eye care via telephone and organises replacement contact lenses, glasses and other products to be sent to customers. Nila Mehra, who runs Cranford Opticians, says:

We will continue with our philosophy that regular eyecare helps to maintain people’s health and well-being. As always, we will continue to offer a friendly, personal service, give time and listen to our customers and offer the best solution for them.
We believe we can help everyone, as we do both private and NHS eye tests, as well as accepting corporate eyecare vouchers. Examples of those who qualify for NHS eye tests are the over 60s, under 18s, diabetics and people claiming tax and universal credit.
We are adapting to the changing environment by letting people know what support is out there for them. For example, people who are struggling to make ends meet iin the current crisis may be entitled to NHS-funded sight tests and money towards the cost of their glasses.
It’s also important that we continue to educate people on the importance of good eye care as this improves health and well-being at work and at home. We regularly give talks to the local businesses and nurseries to offer advice on how to keep eyes healthy. We specialise in the treatment of dry and watery eyes which affects people of all ages. We’ve invested in the latest technology to carry out tests that can detect certain conditions, such as macular degeneration and glaucoma, as well as general health conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure.”

This attention to detail and unwavering focus on providing excellent customer service is probably why Cranford Opticians has enjoyed a long and distinguished history in the borough.

The company has a loyal band of longstanding customers including Heathrow Airport workers and people who live in and around Hounslow. “Cranford’s diversity is what makes it so appealing,” says Nila, whose husband and daughter are also involved in the business.

We’re in a great location and we have customers who work locally and those from overseas who have flown into Heathrow. We have a 30-year history here and we were crowned Independent Business of the Year at the Hounslow Business Awards 2018, so we must be doing something right! “Cranford is a close-knit community and everyone helps each other. This spirit will be vital as we all try to recover from the coronavirus pandemic.

For any questions please call us on 020 8759 9395 or email us at info@cranfordopticians.co.uk

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