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Safety On Bonfire Night

Have a Sparkly and SAFE Bonfire Night!

Bonfire Night is on its way and we are certainly looking forward to all the fireworks. Make sure you enjoy the night to the full – and remember to keep safe. Here are some of our top tips for a fun, safe Bonfire Night.

Image of multicolour fireworks

Always attend a professionally organised public display.

Why DIY when an organised display is available? Big shows use spectacular fireworks, which are viewed from a safe distance. Bigger and better than the back garden and safer too. What’s not to love?

Image of a sparkler burning

Don’t underestimate sparklers.

This traditional firework burns at incredibly high temperatures and can cause injury. In fact, it’s estimated that unsafe use of sparklers accounts for nearly a third of all reported Bonfire Night injuries. Always wear gloves, hold at arm’s length and never let children use them unattended.

Image of multicolour fireworks

Buy fireworks that conform to British Safety Standards.

If you do decide to have your own display, make sure you buy wisely and stick to the safety guide.

Advice for eye related fireworks injury.

  • Get professional help immediately.

  • Do not rub, rinse, apply ointment or take medication.

  • Do not apply pressure.

  • Do not attempt to remove debris lodged in the wound.

Remember, remember to stay safe on the 5th November - and don’t forget to enjoy the show!


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