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How to care for your glasses

In this video we will show you some top tips on how to look after your glasses.

What’s the best way to keep your glasses in top condition?

Wearing glasses has numerous benefits, including correcting your vision so you are seeing well and protecting your eyes from UV light. Plus they are an important investment in your overall eye health and vision. Knowing how to clean your glasses correctly can help you protect your investment by keeping them in great condition.

When your glasses are cleaned daily, it can reduce scratches and anti-glare coatings last longer, giving you better vision. So, regularly cleaning your specs will not only help keep your vision clear and can also extend the life of your glasses. But it’s important to know the right way to clean your glasses without causing damage to the lenses – even those that have scratch-resistant lens coatings!

TOP TIP: Sunglasses pick up a whole host of unpleasantness because they are constantly taken on and off and are often exposed to sun cream which actively attracts dirt. Don’t forget to clean these too!

If you wear your glasses regularly and spend a lot of time outside, they will come into contact with many elements including pollution which will build up grime. You will also notice a build-up of debris from makeup, sweat and natural oils from your skin. Over time dust can build up on the lenses and frames of your glasses, especially by not storing your glasses in their case. Understanding how to clean your glasses is essential to removing these issues and preventing scratching whilst you clean your lenses.

Cleaning your glasses correctly

Let’s look at how you can get your glasses squeaky clean. This means you must stop using tissues, paper towels or the top that you are wearing - regardless of how soft it is, the materials may have a textured surface which will easily scratch your lenses.

TOP TIP: Avoid cotton cloths as these can leave a lint residue.

It’s time to get yourself a microfibre cleaning cloth or lens cloth, and some lens cleaner spray or cleaning solution and you will not believe the difference! These items will help you wipe away specks and smudge easily for a totally clear view.

TOP TIP: Check with your Optician which lens cleaner is suitable for your type of lens.

We advise that you wash your hands before you start, and hold the glasses by the bridge rather than the side because this will help you not touch the lenses and avoid accidentally bending the frame – if your glasses are twisted out of shape, they will start to look unbalanced and might also feel uncomfortable.

TOP TIP: Don't leave your glasses in the sun for long periods of time, e.g the dashboard in your car, as this can damage the coatings on the lenses.

Use a circular movement on each of the lenses. Just as you would polish furniture, spray and then wipe and repeat! In the absence of spray or solution, you can use some warm water and washing up liquid to rinse off your glasses to clean them, but the end result may not be as good.

Keeping your glasses safe

Here are some tips to help you avoid accidental damage to your glasses:

  • Always take your glasses off with two hands so that one side doesn’t get lose, the frames don’t twist, and the screws don't fall out

  • Don't put them face down on a surface as this may scratch the lenses

  • Always put them in the correct sized case to protect them when you are not wearing them

  • Don't wear them on your head as this will distort your glasses

Putting your glasses on your head is a big NO, because this habit can widen the sides of your frames, making them loose on your face because the top of the head is generally wider. Your glasses will lose their shape and strength, and they could get caught in your hair. If you can’t get into the habit of storing them in their case, consider getting a spectacle cord or chain to wear during the day.

TOP TIP: Remove your glasses when spraying hair products to help reduce damage to the lenses.

When should you update your glasses?

If you care for your glasses well, and you do not need new lenses due to a prescription change, aim to replace your glasses every 1-2 years due to wear and tear. However, the length of time your eyewear lasts also depends on several other factors including frame quality, how durable the lenses are if they have special coatings and how often you clean them. Generally, heavy-duty eyewear lasts longer, so if you suspect you’ll be hard on your glasses, consider investing in a stronger, better-quality pair.

As your eye prescription changes, you may need to switch to new glasses from time to time. A regular eye test as recommended by an Optician (no later than every 2 years) can identify underlying health issues and signs you need new glasses.

TOP TIP: When putting your glasses on a surface, place them with the lenses facing up to avoid scratching them.

Please contact us on 020 8759 9395 if you need any repairs, which we will try to do while you wait, or if you need any advice on care for your glasses, we are here to help. If you are looking for new glasses, all our frames are hand-picked and we regularly take on new frame styles and contact lenses as technology advances.

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